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Jun 10



Edited: Jun 10

- [x] crashalytics

- [x] image assets updated

- [x] launchimage fixes

- [x] iPhone x/xr display fixes

- [x] bug: reset piggy so does not update gc for test devices

- [x] bug: add piggy to iPhone buy now screen

- [x] move to dentyscasino.com

- [x] update images for istore

- [x] web site update old and new

- [x] video trailer and istore videos








New Posts
  • - [ ] add to imessage/multiplayer - [ ] keep all player stats in iCloud if avail - [ ] Add more detailed card stats to stats engine (ie hit against 4s etc.) - [ ] add dealer busted count to stats screen - [ ] View Hand history, last 10 hands, play mode only - [ ] Add practice mode to Play BJ with suggested bet and running count (does not affect wallet) - [ ] allow computer player splits p1,p2,p4,p5 on play/count? - [ ] add odds listing to learn? - [ ] movie to more screen? animated gif?
  • - [x] fixed size and font for popups in helper - [x] Bug: app crashes when returning from background - [x] Bug: GC updates (leader and achieve and sync) not working? - [x] removed axeasychain - [x] keywords: 21, 22, basics, black, jack, pro, cards, count, free, teacher, strategy, trainer, training, poker, pokert, plus
  • - [x] bug: popup hints are too small too read - [x] switch to admobhelper class reload plist, pods = v7.41.0 for now - [x] bug:bonus button not hidden after yes alert - [x] bug: popup hints are too small too read - [x] add correct percentages to learn and counting screens - [x] add speaker button for music - [x] add text to more screen (see attrition)